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Scandals Online

This site is completely FREE to use - all SexGuide information, Chat rooms, Messageboards and the upcoming Escort information: FREE completely FREE!

The site is solely funded by our fantastic family of NZ, overseas advertisers and the online Store - so please support them as they support this site!

If you think this site is so fantastic value, (being FREE, packed full of useful information, chat rooms and boards) and it's been keeping you awake at night trying to think of a way to contribute then open a FREE Alertpay account and send whatever amount to This is not a Nigerian cash scam but if you have a few spare million lying around and want to send it my way I won't complain... HONEST!

Scandals Online provides free services: Adult Store: Adult Lingerie, Adult Toys. Adult Messageboards, discreet email service, adult chat room, Dating and also Group/Club/Party advertising, Adult links and a growing NZ Sex Guide Information .........

A wee bit of the Scandals History, so far...

First scandals magazine produced: October 1997

Website went up: ‘a couple of years after the mag was started’.

The fem half of the scandals team (Sharon) met up with a most fantastic guy on ICQ, we shall call him ‘webslave’, who noted scandals did not have a site and helped her via many emails, icq’s and online chats, get a site up and running. Webslave ROCKED ! Still does. And he’s dangerously cute :-)

Last scandals magazine produced: June 2008

Scandals sold in March 2010. The current owner was involved in the Adult industry from 1998 to 2005 co-running one of NZ's most successful Adult groups. I have been in the IT industry in one form or another since 1989 - but I am a down to earth Geek, so any suggestions for improvements email them through! I have wanted to run an Adult Website since 1998... lets see what we can do...

Facelift of scandals launched April 2010, more advertising bang for supporters to provide better services. New NZ Sex Guide information and event service launched

New male/female/couples messageboard system with registration to improve security and reduce timewasters, you can also subscribe to the boards as well. If you find someone that is purely wasting peoples time please let me know and I will investigate the situation and remove there account and ban there IP address them from the site.

New Events messageboard so members can list their confirmed adult events

New Adult Fiction messageboard - put your adult fiction story up for comment and review. Thanks to the members for the great suggestion!

Future... wait and see... any suggestions please email

soon... Single sign-on for Chat and Messageboard systems...

never... Scandals will never become an online dating service. It was and will remain a service for like minded adults that want to chat and make hookups.

never... Scandals will never charge for CHAT or MESSAGEBOARD useage. However if you wish to donate then you can use a free account and send whatever amount to Cheers big ears!